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 Lleos/Mikeys v13/v14

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Data de inscrição : 12/12/2007

MensagemAssunto: Lleos/Mikeys v13/v14   Qui Dez 13, 2007 7:04 am

Lleos/Mikeys v13/v14 remix


- Welcome Lounge
- Oasis Lounge
- Picnic Garden
- Kodak Studios
- Rooftop Cafe
- Rooftop Rumble (Can't Swim ;|)
- Bus Station (With working Infobus.. Credit to Andy/Wizzkid41)
- Space Cafe
- Floating Garden
- Battle Ball Rebound (Room only, game nav disabled)
- Asian Dragon Lobby (Pre-made bot smile.gif Credit to Sam)
- Dragon Park (Both Sections)
- The Library (Pre-made bot smile.gif Credit to Sam)
- Sun Terrace- The Dirty Duck Pub
- Ice Cafe
- The Joint
- Club Lleo (Aka Club Stomp, HC Disco Room)
- Admin Lounge (Aka Dusty Lounge)
- Hallway II (100% Working.. all connected up)

- :stafflock - Locks a room so only staff can get in (Public Rooms, must be inside the room you want to lock)
- :status - Displays if the Room is HC-Only or Admin-Only etc tongue.gif
- :userdata - Ver quantas moedas um user tem e etc...
- :warp in/out - Warp behind bot areas depending on if its enabled in that room
- :rank <user> <rank> -Mudar o rank dos users...

Handy Things
- ativa/desativa Public Rooms
- Bots can now do 30 reactions to speech
- Enable/Disable Ads in Public Rooms & Choose Image/Clickable URL (Only accepts HabboHotel Images.. not sure why it doesn't like .gifs)

DB Editor
- Edit Users
- Edit Public Rooms
- Edit Private Rooms
- Edit Main Settings
- Edit HC Options
- Hotel Alert
- Mass Credits
.. etc

- Habbowood Chair & Track Soundmachine added to Rares page
- Rares split into two pages (Rares & Rare Recolours)
- Seasonals displayed all on one page (Handy for staff) but also separate pages
- Limited Edition seçao (Novo Furni Japanese Habbowood etc)
- Club Shop catalogo pagina
- Few other updates here and there..

And of course all USA's original Features (Excluding Original Public Rooms) BETA 2 Upates Quote:
- Novo Japanese Furni
- Novo Pura furni
- Menos bugs
BETA 2 Patch 1 Quote:
- All Japanese furni missing added
- Pura novo adicionado
- All known furni (Except V14 One-way Gates) Added
- Adicionado Public Room bugs
- Added more 'warp' areas to public rooms
- Adicionado"habbosseemodtool" (I Think..)

MY updates onto the hotel Quote:
- Iced furni adicionado
- Todas recolores foram adicionadas
- More rares have been added
- Wallpaper/Floorpaper has been fixed and is now in the 'New Paper' Section.
- Minibar mode foi adicionado
- Some other stuff has also been done, but i can't remember ^^
- Loader v14!


Créditos: felipejbs
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Lleos/Mikeys v13/v14
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